Nova is building guardrails for generative AI content to protect brand integrity

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  • Companies can decide whatever threshold they’re comfortable with.BrandGPT is designed for working with third parties like an agency or a contractor, who can ask questions about the company’s brand guidelines to make sure they are complying with them, May said.
  • They run checks for brand safety, quality checking, whether it’s on brand, whether it adheres to style and whether it’s on campaign.
  • Then it assigns each piece with a content score, and each company can decide what the threshold is for calling in a human to check the content before publishing.“When you have generative AI creating stuff, you can now score it on a continuum.
  • And then you can set thresholds, and if something’s below, say 85% on brand, you can have the system flag it so that a human can take a look at it,” he said.
  • The company launched last year and has raised $2.4 million from Bee Partners, Fyrfly Ventures and Argon Ventures.
As brands incorporate generative AI into their creative workflows to generate new content associated with the company, they need to tread carefully to be sure that the new material adheres to the com [+2663 chars]