Mavenir raises $100M to build more AI into its cloudbased automated network technology for telecoms services

News Summary

  • Telecoms carriers are on the hunt for more ways to bring down their own capital and operational expenditures while providing more flexible services to business and service provider customers as they scale up and down.
  • The plan will be not just to continue expanding that pool, but to build more services to sell to current customers.Mavenir described the funding as “anchored” by Siris, a PE firm that’s been backing the company for years.
  • Koch and Siri also participated in the company’s last financing, a $155 million round in October 2022.
  • “We firmly believe in the automated networks of the future that are cloud-native, AI-native and Green-native, and we are confident that Mavenir’s innovations are essential in driving that evolution.”
  • It’s not disclosing its valuation but we have contacted the company to ask.
One of the bigger trends in telecoms has been the evolution of cloud computing and how software operating in the cloud is being used by carriers to build out and manage their networks moves disrupt [+3500 chars]