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News Summary

  • The company has also scored an engine delivery contract with the U.S. Air Force.Jordan Forness, Vehicle Operations manager at Ursa Major, reviews a Hadley engine before it ships to Astra.
  • Ursa, led by CEO Joe Laurienti, is building a 5,000-pound liquid oxygen and kerosene engine called Hadley and a much larger, 10x more powerful Ripley engine with a 50,000-pound thrust.
  • Then, I uncovered that the company quietly closed a massive new tranche of funding last October at a $400 million pre-money valuation.
  • The company eschews the vertical integration paradigm that has historically dominated the aerospace industry.
  • “That’s the paradigm we see in vertical integration.”Ursa’s other public customers include small launch companies Phantom Space and Stratolaunch.
  • “Currently, we have not confirmed the communication from the lander.
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