Wreak havoc on your favorite streamers game with Crowd Control

News Summary

  • You could use your micropayment to make a creator’s gameplay more difficult, or if you’re nice, you can give them a boost to help them out of a sticky situation.Over 70,000 creators have already used Crowd Control, which started out as a Twitch-only app.
  • Other creator platforms like Fanhouse have taken similar steps to circumvent App Store fees and maximize creators’ profits.“So, $100 is $100 of coins,” Jaku explained.
  • “Instead of those coins only being available on one channel, that viewer will now have $100 worth of coins that they could spend on any channel.”Crowd Control only has a team of ten, but most of them have been creators themselves at some point.
  • Even though Crowd Control doesn’t have any of its technology patented, Jaku doesn’t think other companies could catch up.“For someone to build a similar sort of service at the speed that we have, and the library that we have…It will take some time,” he said.
  • You just got paid.With support for more than 100 popular games, Crowd Control changes the way that streamers engage their fans, while also unlocking fun new ways to make money.
  • By reverse engineering these games, Crowd Control has created user-friendly apps and plug-ins that let fans pay to trigger an event on a creator’s livestream.
Youre streaming the Sims to your loyal Twitch followers, when suddenly, a fire ignites in the middle of your virtual home. As you scramble to put out the fire before the Sim firefighters arrive, ano [+3906 chars]