This Week in Apps Users pan Snapchats AI, Bluesky has a moment, Apple wins antitrust appeal

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  • For comparison, across Q1 2023, the Snapchat average U.S. App Store review was 3.05, with only 35% of reviews being one-star.The number of daily reviews has also increased by five times over the last week, the firm noted.Another app data provider, Apptopia, reports a similar trend.
  • And it may turn off some potential Bluesky users who aren’t a fan of the shitposting culture.For others, however, a place that’s all brouhaha and no baggage may be just what they want.There are also things the app needs to address before it opens more publicly.
  • You can also tap the “Create Playlist” button, to give the AI-built playlist a name, then open it up in Apple Music’s app and begin listening.This Week in Apps: AI-powered productivity apps, US weighs TikTok ban, SVB crash boosts crypto apps
  • We’re working on next steps.”Apple wins antitrust court battle with Epic Games, appeals court rulesIn addition to Apple, Meta also won an antitrust lawsuit, under appeal, that had pitted the tech giant against dozens of state attorneys general, led by New York.
  • The appeals court upheld this decision.Appeals court rules in favor of Meta in antitrust case from State AGsImage Credits: GoogleImage Credits: GoogleImage Credits: MicrosoftImage Credits: KlarnaPinterest announces multiyear ads partnership with Amazon alongside earnings beatImage Credits: MetaImage Credits: T2(Psst…Want a T2 invite?
  • My AI is pinned to the top of users’ Chat feed inside the app and can’t be unpinned, blocked or removed, as other conversations can be.
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