The week in AI ChatBots multiply and Musk wants to make a maximum truthseeking one

News Summary

  • Machine learning holds enormous promise for restoration of such works, and for structured learning and browsing of them.Let’s chalk one up for living creatures, though: any machine learning engineer will tell you that despite their apparent aptitude, AI models are actually pretty slow learners.
  • Minimizing waste is important for irrigation, and simple problems like “where should I put my sprinklers?” become really complex depending on how precise you want to get.How close is too close?
  • Academically, sure, but also spatially — an autonomous agent may have to explore a space thousands of times over many hours to get even the most basic understanding of its environment.
  • Its attempt to integrate natural language seems to have completely failed in every conceivable way, making the free game probably among the worst reviewed titles on Steam.
  • Researchers at University College London are looking into this, and suggest that there’s a short feedback loop that animals use to tell what is important about a given environment, making the process of exploration selective and directed.
  • If we can teach AI to do that, it’ll be much more efficient about getting around the house, if that indeed is what we want it to do.Lastly, although there is great promise for generative and conversational AI in games… we’re still not quite there.
Keeping up with an industry as fastmoving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, heres a handy roundup of the last weeks stories in the world of machine learning, along with notabl [+10054 chars]