What the US needs for future nuclear power tech to get off the ground

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  • Combined, these factors will theoretically allow for rapid and cheap production of reactors and a far lower footprint for the supporting power plant where the reactors are installed.Many of them generate power by boiling water.
  • Some other companies plan to be ready to go into production sooner, but their designs aren't yet approved.While these designs are unlikely to compete on cost with renewables, they have a number of potential uses once the low-hanging fruit of decarbonization has been picked.
  • The next generation of designs is working to avoid the delays and cost overruns that are crippling attempts to build additional reactors both here and overseas.
  • "But the report's authors write that there's value in maintaining next-generation nuclear as an option since we don't know how any of those factors will evolve over the coming decades.For everything to work out, there's an equally long list of things that will need to be accomplished.
  • John Timmer - Apr 28, 2023 3:04 pm UTC "The race against climate change is both a marathon and a sprint," declares a new report from the US National Academies of Science.
  • These designs have two emphases: They are modular and could potentially be mass-produced, and they focus on inherent safety.
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