Battle of two marketing companies

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  • It has also recently brought attention to a reprehensible practice engaged in by some SMS platforms in the industry: holding a customer’s proprietary SMS list hostage to prevent or interfere with the customer’s attempt to change providers.
  • But sometimes you gotta stand up to the bully.Here's our response in full:— alex beller (@ringmybeller) April 6, 2023Reads the response: “Postscript takes your accusations seriously and provides its substantive response below.
  • In response to one of Beller’s tweets on the matter, one Attentive customer said he might change vendors.
  • With regards to making a switch that probably drew more attention than he anticipated it would, he said he has no regrets.“On one front, it’s small players that don’t know how to play this,” Ferrara said.
  • Attentive facilitates the export of subscriber lists upon customer request and strives to provide them in a timely manner in accordance with our contractual agreement.”How e-commerce companies can brave the new retail environment
  • We’ve sent multiple cease and desist letters over the years as they’ve made inaccurate claims about Attentive, which they’ve acknowledged and corrected.
It isnt often that startup rivals battle in plain view of others, but such is the case with the mobile messaging services provider Postscript, which took to the Twitterverse earlier this month after [+4519 chars]