Chunk Foods close to opening factory to produce millions of plantbased steaks

News Summary

  • Chunk Foods previously raised $2 million in pre-seed funding.Project Eaden’s fiber technology poised to spin threads into whole cuts of ‘meat’The company develops whole cuts of alternative proteins using fermentation technology and food-grade microorganisms to turn soy and wheat into its proteins.
  • In 2023, Impossible launched four new products, including three plant-based “chicken” products and a leaner version of its “beef” product.“Some companies are not going to exist for very long,” Golan said.
  • The “economies of scale are not fully there yet,” due to also having to import to the United States.Like other companies in this industry, Chunk Foods is in its early stages.
  • Our products are more reasonably priced for the offering and we communicate better with our consumers.”If you have a juicy tip or lead about happenings in the venture world, you can reach Christine Hall at [email protected] or Signal at 832-862-1051.
  • The third generation of plant-based companies are offering a better product and are leading the pack.
  • And, yes, Chunk Foods does have some products in the pipeline without those two ingredients for consumers with allergies.
The global plantbased foods industry accounted for $8 billion in sales and received $1.2 billion in investment in 2022, according to new figures from the Good Food Institute.Those with recent fund [+4336 chars]