Operant is changing the way you secure cloud native applications

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  • And what that means is, we can prevent lateral attacks and data breaches by securing cloud native applications from the inside out,” Bhavsar told TechCrunch.Priyanka Tembey, CTO and co-founder, says that the solution helps security teams build guard rails for runtime applications as they are being developed.
  • “Operant customers can install Operant within their dev staging and production Kubernetes environments, and we start learning about their application interactions, service-to-service interactions, API interactions, as well as data flows at runtime, so when they are running live in the production environments.
  • “The product does a lot of things today, and that’s where we actually see the application security direction going because applications in the cloud tend to be multilayer,” she said.That requires a comprehensive approach to keep the application secure.
  • The company is having its coming out party this week at RSAC and is announcing a $3 million seed while it’s at it.Vrajesh Bhavsar, CEO and co-founder, says his company has developed a unique solution to protect cloud native applications without instrumentation.
  • With two women co-founders — CMO Ashley Roof is also part of the founding team — the company cares deeply about building a diverse organization as they scale up.“We are very passionate about diversity.
  • As you can tell, there are two women on the founding team and just building that diverse team from the ground up is very important to us,” Tembey said.Today’s $3 million investment was led by Felicis.
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