Heres a look at Lucids next luxury EV, the Gravity SUV

News Summary

  • "I am excited to see the Gravity SUV moving forward so quickly in its development, as it builds upon everything this company has achieved thus far and drives further advancements of our in-house technology to create a luxury electric SUV like none other," said Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson.
  • But one model alone is not enough to sustain a car company, particularly when that model is a sedan, a form factor now rather less in vogue than it once was.
  • Between $100,000-$120,000 might be reasonable for a lower-end Gravity, with early models offering higher specifications with significantly higher price tags.
  • "The Lucid Air redefined the sedan category, and as our technology continues to evolve and lead the market, we are in a place where the Gravity is positioned to change the world of SUVs.
  • It's an SUV called the Lucid Gravity, and Lucid sent over a couple of shots of its newest electric vehicle testing on public roads.
  • )There's also no word about pricing, but since this is Lucid, it's probably best to set one's expectations appropriately.
Enlarge/ After showing us how it could redefine the electric luxury sedan, Lucid turned its attention to the SUV.12 with The luxurious Lucid Air might be expensive, but it is rather good. But one [+1861 chars]