Precision fermentations capacity craze Have we lost the plot?

News Summary

  • And the precision fermentation sector should not be bashful about its pursuit of an all-out biomanufacturing industrialization, a necessary condition to outcompete animal agriculture.
  • And so, the industry’s conversational spotlight has now fixed on: how do we build enough capacity to meet future demand, which could soar into the tens of millions of tonnes by 2030?
  • By the late 2010s, these first movers raised hundreds of millions of dollars and dozens of other startups followed in their footsteps.Today, recognition of the industry’s promise is mainstreaming.
  • At best, scaling up production to immense tank volumes will reduce costs by 35% to 40% instead of the many fold reduction needed.
Using microbial organisms like yeast and fungi as cell factories to produce animal proteins, Pat Brown and his early team at Impossible Foods kicked off the modern precision fermentation industry.W [+2274 chars]