Grimes says anyone can AIgenerate her voice without penalty

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  • Shortly after its reveal, the song got pulled from YouTube and other social media platforms under unclear circumstances, which The Verge reports could have been a botched fan tribute or a marketing stunt.I'll split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song that uses my voice.
  • Benj Edwards - Apr 24, 2023 8:49 pm UTC On Sunday night, Canadian musician Grimes tweeted that she would split 50 percent royalties on "any successful AI generated song" that uses her voice, reports The Verge.
  • " ability to realistically synthesize a human voice using deep learning models has become increasingly easy over the past year due to open source models such as tortoise-tts and commercial services such as ElevenLabs speech synthesis.
  • "[I] don't wanna be responsible for a Nazi anthem unless it's somehow in jest a la producers I guess," she wrote.Still, she's aware of the potential ill effects of inviting others to use her voice with few restrictions and is forging ahead anyway:"We expect a certain amount of chaos.
  • "I think it's cool to be fused w a machine and I like the idea of open sourcing all art and killing copyright," she tweeted as a reply to her announcement on using her voice.
  • As an independent artist, Grimes says anyone can use her voice without penalty.
Enlarge/ Grimes attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America A Lexicon Of Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021, in New York City.7 with On Sunday night, Canadian m [+2943 chars]