The Netflix story How technology unlocks business models

News Summary

  • In fact, when the Netflix founders went looking for one to try shipping it in the mail, they couldn’t find anywhere to buy one.
  • So that’s what we did,” Marc Randolph, Netflix’s co-founder and original CEO,That crazy idea was to send a CD through the mail to learn whether the concept of a mail-order DVD subscription service was practical.
  • Incidentally, once the internet became fast and ubiquitous enough, streaming would become possible, too, giving birth to the Netflix we know today, but I’m getting slightly ahead of myself.
  • The proof of operating concept for Netflix was confirmed.This week, 16 years after its reinvention as a streaming company, Netflix announced that it’s shuttering its mail-order DVDs business.
  • They were much smaller and thinner than their VHS counterparts, and this technology innovation unlocked a new form of video rentals.
  • Ready for a new challenge, Hastings and Randolph began to bounce ideas for new companies off of each other.
Usually the best way to figure out if your crazy idea is any good is simply to try it. So thats what we did, Marc Randolph, Netflixs cofounder and original CEO,That crazy idea was to send a CD th [+1896 chars]