Will FOX settlement alter conservative media? Apparently not...

News Summary

  • That likely would have meant more to Fox’s critics than its fans, anyway, said Megan Duncan, a Virginia Tech communications professor who studies news audiences.To Fox’s followers, criticism of the network wouldn’t matter much unless it was made by someone who shared their ideology.
  • Fox wouldn’t be alone in following that direction.“I don’t envy their choices,” he said.Erickson, the radio host, said he would expect to see greater management control of Fox’s personalities, although this wouldn’t necessarily be something that viewers would notice.
  • Now Jones is more likely to keep names out of it, said Nicole Hemmer, a Vanderbilt University professor and author of “Partisans: The Conservative Revolutionaries Who Remade American Politics in the 1990s.”“It hasn’t changed his conspiracy theories,” Hemmer said.
  • “He’s just a little more careful about not saying legally actionable things.”Heading into the 2024 election, radio host Erick Erickson predicted more hesitancy in conservative media to embrace claims by former President Donald Trump or anybody in politics preaching election denialism.
  • “It was completely misaligned with the magnitude of the news event itself.”While Fox acknowledged in the settlement the judge’s conclusion that the network had spread false material about Dominion, Fox offered no apology.
  • But Dominion also has a case against Newsmax, Fox’s chief television rival for a conservative audience.
NEW YORK (AP) Days after Fox News agreed to pay nearly $800 million to settle a lawsuit over its airing of 2020 election lies, youd be hardpressed to notice anything had changed there.Tucker Carls [+7026 chars]