XPeng unveils new EV platform designed to cut production costs

News Summary

  • “It will make rapid advancements in technology available for our customers as standard, with faster software upgrades, stunning cost savings and elevated product experience.”XPeng also said the new architectural platform can help make its infotainment service, Xmart OS, available to every owner.
  • Gu said about 80% of architectural components in each upcoming model will be compatible with future models, which will help XPeng add to its lineup without incurring too many costs.The cost-focused event comes as XPeng’s rivals have sparked price wars in China.
  • The automaker said Sunday that SEPA 2.0 shortens the voice software R&D cycle by 50% and reduces the cost of the voice assistant service by 50%.
  • XPeng’s CEO He Xiaopeng said Sunday that an automaker needs to reach 3 million units annually and globally if it wants to survive beyond a decade.XPeng delivered 18,230 EVs in the first quarter of the year, almost a 50% drop year-over-year.
  • “Ultimately, SEPA 2.0 will architecturally empower us in our ongoing quest to redefine mobility experience with compelling value, superb comfort and rich infotainment,” said Xiaopeng.China’s EV upstart Xpeng ready to take off with flying permit
  • Tesla triggered a price war in October when the automaker cut prices on models produced at its gigafactory in Shanghai.
Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng unveiled Sunday its new platform architecture for making vehicles that will set the foundation for future production models and reduce the cost of development and [+3950 chars]