MONDAY America braces for historic DOMINION v. FOX...

News Summary

  • But Dominion says Fox News was afraid of alienating its audience with the truth, particularly after many viewers were angered by the network’s decision to declare Democrat Joe Biden the winner in Arizona on election night in November 2020.Some rulings by the judge have eased Dominion’s path.
  • Text messages from January 2021 revealed Carlson telling a friend that he passionately hated Trump and couldn’t wait to move on.Dominion may also seek an apology.The trial has had no apparent effect on Fox News’ viewership; it remains the top-rated cable network.
  • A Fox lawyer, Blake Rohrbacher, sent a letter of apology to Davis on Friday, saying it was a misunderstanding and not an intention to deceive.It’s not clear whether that would affect a trial.
  • In court papers, Fox contends the $1.6 billion damages claim is a wild overestimate.Dominion’s motivation may also be to inflict maximum embarrassment on Fox with the peek into the network’s internal communications following the election.
  • That, she feels, would be disastrous for journalists.Dominion’s lawsuit is being closely watched by another voting-technology company with a separate but similar case against Fox News.
  • The Smartmatic case isn’t yet ready for trial but has survived Fox News’ effort to get it tossed out.Many experts are surprised Fox and Dominion have not reached an out-of-court settlement, though they can at any time.
Fox News and 2020 election lies set to face jury come MondayNEW YORK (AP) Starting Monday in a courtroom in Delaware, Fox News executives and stars will have to answer for their role in spreading d [+8111 chars]