Max Q Starship. Thats the headline.

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  • ?In any case, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued the launch license to SpaceX for the Starship orbital flight test at the close of business Friday — giving everyone a LOT to look forward to over the weekend.As a reminder: Starship is the most powerful rocket ever built.
  • Once operational, it will be capable of carrying 100-150 tons (100,000-150,000 kg) into orbit.
  • For reference, SpaceX’s workhorse rocket, Falcon 9, has a payload capacity of 22,800 kg.
  • Third, there’s no method of refueling even a theoretical reusable vehicle.
  • In addition, its design will rely less on additive manufacturing, the technology that Relativity is best-known for advancing and that it has touted in each of its capital raises.
  • Hello and welcome back to Max Q!In this issue:I am writing this on Friday, so by the time you read this on Monday, Starship may have already taken to the skies.
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