Adobe brings Firefly to its video tools

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  • Instead, the emphasis here is on making it easier for anyone to edit videos, color grade using just a few words, add music and sound effects and create title cards with animated fonts, graphics and logos.
  • Those, too, are somewhat specialized skills that take some familiarity with the likes of After Effects and Premiere.Image Credits: AdobeThe real game changer, though, is that Adobe also plans to use Firefly to read scripts and automatically generate storyboards and pre-visualizations.
  • Firefly will also help editors create subtitles, logos and title cards by having them describe what they want them to look like.
  • It remains to be seen how well they will work in practice.Adobe’s aim is to ensure that all of its generative AI tools are safe to use in a commercial environment.
  • With its generative image creator, this meant that it could only train it on a limited number of images that were either in public domain or part of its Adobe Stock service.
  • In many ways, it’s this democratization of skill that’s at the heart of what Adobe is doing with Firefly in its creative tools.Other new AI-based features include the ability to generate custom sounds and music.
A month ago, Adobe announcedFirefly, its entry into the generative AI game. Initially, Fireflys focus was on generating commercially safe images, but the company is now pushing its technology beyond [+2301 chars]