A ninefigure raise in fintech? Oh my

News Summary

  • Visa+, as Visa’s new service is called, is designed to solve that problem.” More here.As reported by me: “Redfin has laid off 201 employees, the third time the Seattle-based real estate company has reduced its workforce since June.
  • Companies like Rippling, Brex and many others scrambled to secure funding to offset not being able to access funds, while companies on the payments side, like Etsy, worked to find alternative ways to process payments.
  • Not surprisingly, a spokesperson for the company told Banking Dive that the allegations in the lawsuit were “unfounded.”Seen on TechCrunchReports Ivan Mehta: “Twitter has partnered with the investment platform eToro to show real-time information about stocks and crypto prices.
  • While digital payments have inarguably transformed the world of commerce, the sheer number of payment apps out there has hindered people’s ability to send money to other people without a little friction.
  • The extension was essentially raised at a flat valuation (the company was valued at $1.7 billion when it raised the first tranche of the round in May of 2022).
  • As reported by Haje last week, Smoakland’s director of marketing and e-commerce Jeff Dillon told TechCrunch: “Upon further review, it has come to our attention that the way the process was described in the article could potentially be seen as bank fraud.
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