NYPD Robocops Hulking, 400lb robots will start patrolling New York City

News Summary

  • As a wheeled robot, it can only access ADA-compliant areas via ramps.The K5 is pitched as an "Autonomous Security Robot" and was unveiled in 2014.
  • The robot will have a human partner.Another plan for a robocop is the same as last time: deploying Boston Dynamics' "Spot" robot dog, which the NYPD nicknamed "Digidog."
  • The NYPD says it will be used for "high-risk" incidents like hostage situations and hazardous material inspection, so basically a job similar to a bomb robot.
  • One group, the "Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP)," said, "Wasting public dollars to invade New Yorkers’ privacy is a dangerous police stunt," and added that New York should "be investing in actual human beings, not robots."
  • Adams is a former NYPD captain and ran on a platform of reducing crime.Most police departments already have an arsenal of robots, but they are usually for bomb disposal, not the day-to-day patrolling work that New York City envisions.
  • "For active patrol work, the NYPD plans to deploy one Knightscope K5 robot.
Enlarge/ NYC Mayor Eric Adams holds a press conference with members of the NYPD and Boston Dynamics Spot.12 with The New York Police Department is bringing back the idea of policing the city wit [+3739 chars]