Mercenary spyware hacked iPhone victims with rogue calendar invites, researchers say

News Summary

  • The researchers said they don’t want to reveal what these traces are in order to retain their ability to track the malware.
  • The exploit used to hack those targets was developed for iOS 14, and at the time was unpatched and unknown to Apple, making it a so-called zero-day.
  • This poses real risk to human rights online, but also to the security and stability of the broader online environment.
  • The services they offer require cyber mercenaries to stockpile vulnerabilities and search for new ways to access networks without authorization.
  • Their actions do not only impact the individual they target, but leave whole networks and products exposed and vulnerable to further attacks.
  • We need to act against this threat before the situation escalates beyond what the technology industry can handle.”Do you have more information about QuaDream?
Hackers using spyware made by a little known cyber mercenary company used malicious calendar invites to hack the iPhones of journalists, political opposition figures, and an NGO worker, according to [+7026 chars]