After GoFundMe, Rob Solomon is flying a $200M Kite in the land of commerce

News Summary

  • “In the way great consumer goods companies have defined everything in product for the last century, there’s going to be new companies that get created that come and take some of the share away.
  • Still, Solomon insists Kite is something else, something newer.“The best way to think about it is it’s a commerce platform company,” Solomon said.
  • He told TechCrunch he “knows Commerce 1.0 quite intimately,” and always wanted to get back to shopping.“We’re entering a pretty interesting phase where e-commerce is for real,” Solomon said.
  • We want to invest in commerce, businesses and software companies to help build the ecosystem.
  • That’s part of what we’re hoping we can do with our owned-and-operated brands: help them gain market share advantages over time.”What does the future look like for e-commerce aggregators?
  • It’s big, but it’s still a small percentage of overall commerce.
Three years after stepping down as GoFundMes chairman and CEO, Rob Solomon is returning to the industry he calls his first love, digital commerce, as cofounder and CEO of Kite, a commerce company [+5361 chars]