Arrival pulls a double SPAC, Tesla keeps slashing prices and New York Auto Show highlights

News Summary

  • The company, co-founded in 2020 by three ex-BMW digital product specialists, has created a product that lets brands interact with drivers in real time via their car screens.CarmaCare, a subscription service focused on car repair and maintenance, disclosed that it raised $4.5 million at the end of 2022.
  • Bird has also added rider age verification and has begun testing camera-equipped e-scooters with computer vision technology to detect sidewalk riding, parking and lanes.New York City delivery workers agree with new guidelines that ensures people are buying scooters with high-quality batteries in order to prevent fires.
  • Kodiak also said it removed the roof-mounted “center pod” sensor suite and relocated the front-facing Luminar Iris lidar.Zoox designed a whole suite of sounds for its robotaxis.BrightDrop, the electric delivery van subsidiary of General Motors, has signed on supply chain logistics company Ryder as a new customer.
  • What do I win?Other deals that got my attention …4.screen, the Munich-based startup that developed a driver interactive platform, raised €21 million ($23.1 million) in a Series A funding round led by S4S Ventures and Continental VC.
  • The company plans to build its electric air taxis there and offer commercial services starting next year.Lyft is relaunching a service called Lyft Green that will allow riders to request an electric or hybrid vehicle for their next pickup.
  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo had initially welcomed e-scooters to the city in 2018, alongside a number of other green transportation initiatives that undoubtedly angered the city’s more conservative residents and politicians.However, it’s not clear that scooters were actually doing the job of getting people out of cars.
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