Britain Fines TikTok Nearly $16 Million For Misusing Childrens Personal Data

News Summary

  • And even though it knew younger children were using the app, TikTok failed to get consent from their parents to process their data, as required by Britain’s data protection laws, the agency said.
  • The watchdog said TikTok failed to properly inform people about how their data is collected, used and shared in an easily understandable way.
  • TikTok also failed to ensure personal data of British users was processed lawfully, fairly and transparently, the regulator said.
  • Also Tuesday, Australia became the latest country to ban TikTok from its government devices, with authorities from the European Union to the United States concerned that the app could share data with the Chinese government or push pro-Beijing narratives.
  • “We will continue to review the decision and are considering next steps.”TIkTok says it has improved its sign-up system since the breaches happened by no longer allowing users to simply declare they are old enough and looking for other signs that an account is used by someone under 13.
  • Without this information, it’s unlikely that young users would be able “to make informed choices” about whether and how to use TikTok, it said.
LONDON (AP) Britains privacy watchdog hit TikTok with a multimilliondollar penalty Tuesday for misusing childrens data and violating other protections for young users personal information.The Info [+3198 chars]