Snapchat adds new safeguards around its AI chatbot

News Summary

  • Apart from the chatbot, the company introduced an AI-powered background generator that works through prompts for Snapchat+ subscribers a few weeks ago.Snapchat+ subscribers now have access to a background generator tool Image Credits: SnapGiven the proliferation of AI-powered tools, many people are concerned about their safety and privacy.
  • It also said the firm will temporarily block AI bot access for users who misuse the service.“We will continue to use these learnings to improve My AI.
  • We are adding OpenAI’s moderation technology to our existing toolset, which will allow us to assess the severity of potentially harmful content and temporarily restrict Snapchatters’ access to My AI if they misuse the service,” Snap said.Snap is still pretty bullish on generative AI tools.
  • Senator Michael Bennet (Democrat of Colorado) also wrote a letter to OpenAI, Meta, Google, Microsoft and Snap expressing concerns about generative AI tools used by teens.It’s apparent these AI models are susceptible to harmful input and can be manipulated to output inappropriate responses.
  • The new feature will tell parents or guardians how their kids are communicating with the chatbot and the frequency of those interactions.
  • Last week, an ethics group called the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy wrote to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, urging the agency to pause the rollout of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, saying the tech was “biased, deceptive, and a risk to privacy and public safety.”Last month, U.S.
Snapchat is launching new tools including an ageappropriate filter and insights for parents to make its AI chatbot experience safer.Days after Snapchat launched its GPTpowered chatbot for Snapcha [+3058 chars]