ChatGPT vs Google Bard Which is better? We put them to the test.

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  • And since the pinnacle of comedy can be found in the form of dad jokes, we wondered if the two chatbots could author some unique ones.Prompt: Write 5 original dad jokesOut of Bard's five dad jokes, we found three of them verbatim on the Internet using a Google search.
  • Since Bing Chat uses similar GPT-4 technology as the latest ChatGPT model, we opted to focus on two titans of AI chatbot technology: OpenAI and Google.We tested ChatGPT and Bard in seven critical categories: dad jokes, argument dialog, mathematical word problems, summarization, factual retrieval, creative writing, and coding.
  • And surprisingly, there is one seemingly original joke (about the snail) that we can't find anywhere else, but it doesn't make sense.Meanwhile, ChatGPT-4's five dad jokes were 100 percent unoriginal, all lifted completely from other sources, but they were delivered accurately.
  • Bard also attempted to create original jokes (following our instruction), although some failed horribly in an embarrassing way (which is dad-like), and even put its foot in its mouth, so to speak, in an unintentional way (also dad-like).Winner: Bard
  • Since dad jokes should arguably be more groan-worthy than clever, it seems that Bard edged out ChatGPT-4 here.
  • We decided to put these chatbots through their paces with an assortment of tasks to determine which one reigns supreme in the AI chatbot arena.
Enlarge/ An AIgenerated image of two robots fighting in an arena.38 with In todays world of generative AI chatbots, weve witnessed the sudden rise of OpenAIs ChatGPT, introduced in November, [+2685 chars]