UKs greenworkx takes aim at the domestic retrofit skills challenge

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  • But the goal is, ultimately, to automate the process of matching jobseekers to green skills opportunities to be able to scale the platform and its outputs.“We’ve had our first proactive inbound from a small company this week looking for energy assessors and retrofit assessors,” notes Ilic.
  • But the overarching goal is to find ways to support as many people as possible to think about a career switch, skills upgrade or first leap into green jobs.“We’re a b2b proposition.
  • Lots and lots of people to come in, eager and willing to learn new stuff, and take up green retrofitting jobs.
  • (And the startup’s stated mission is to get 10 million people into green jobs over 10 years.
  • Denmark-based Lun, for example, recently bagged seed funding to build software tools to encourage more tradespeople to focus on installing heat pumps, instead of taking on less climate friendly jobs.
  • “Coding, unfortunately, is phenomenally inaccessible for a bunch of people… [Whereas] these jobs… are really, really meaningful, they’re pretty well paid and they’re actually very accessible as well.
Steering humanity out of the climate crisis demands action in a very literal way. Boots on the ground, people rolling up sleeves and getting hands dirty retrofitting existing infrastructure, such as [+12411 chars]