Lyft hails new leadership, layoffs come for Lucid and Waymo retires its selfdriving minivan

News Summary

  • And no, Lyft is not following Uber into delivery, so he says.Shift Technologies, the online used vehicle retailer, cut its workforce by 30% in the first quarter as the company sought to reduce costs and eliminate duplicate positions following its merger with CarLotz.
  • I wrote up a little historical feature on the vehicle, which was the company’s first commercialized autonomous vehicle.Meanwhile, Waymo also said it is testing its fifth generation driver in Austin, Texas.
  • Reminder, the company was issued a delisting notice last July because its stock was trading too low.Helbiz is now known as Inc., an effort to position itself as a micromobility brand that offers retail, rentals, shared micromobility, and *checks notes* sports streaming services.
  • I’m highlighting this “deal” to note the absolute kookiness of it that feels like desperation.I’m talking about shared micromobility company Helbiz, which announced a rebranding and a reverse stock split in an attempt to get back into compliance with the Nasdaq.
  • His blog also highlights a recent robotaxi ride he took with Wayve, a British AV company that has raised $258 million from backers that includes Microsoft.Mississippi Gov.
  • The company announced a partnership with Zomato, a food ordering and delivery platform, in India and Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited to help delivery drivers get more favorable loan terms for buying e-mopeds.
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