Italy privacy watchdog blocks ChatGPT, citing data breach

News Summary

  • BEUC said it could be years before the EU’s AI legislation takes effect, so authorities need to act faster to protect consumers from possible risks.“In only a few months, we have seen a massive take-up of ChatGPT, and this is only the beginning,” Deputy Director General Ursula Pachl said.
  • He also described the absence of filters for users younger than 13 as ”rather grave.” San Francisco-based OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, announced this week that he’s embarking on a six-continent trip in May to talk about the technology with users and developers.
  • U.S.-based OpenAI, which developed the chatbot, said late Friday night it has disabled ChatGPT for Italian users at the government’s request.
  • Pasquale Stanzione said he did so because “it’s not clear what aims are being pursued” ultimately by those developing AI.
  • Waiting for the EU’s AI Act “is not good enough as there are serious concerns growing about how ChatGPT and similar chatbots might deceive and manipulate people.”___O’Brien reported from Providence, Rhode Island.
  • If AI should “impinge” on a person’s “self-determination” then “this is very dangerous,″ Stanzione said.
By FRANCES DEMILIO and MATT OBRIEN Associated PressROME (AP) Italy is temporarily blocking the artificial intelligence software ChatGPT in the wake of a data breach as it investigates a possibl [+4285 chars]