Deep Render lands $9M for its AIpowered video compression tech

News Summary

  • Elsewhere, Nvidia, Disney Research and the University of California, Irvine have conducted independent experiments with AI-driven compression techniques for streaming video.Image Credits: Deep RenderBesenbruch believes Deep Render is differentiated by its AI compression algorithm, which was trained on a dataset of over 10 million video sequences.
  • “We started Deep Render to free the world of all bandwidth limitations by pioneering AI-based compression … AI-based compression doesn’t try to ‘fix’ or ‘work with’ traditional compression, but replaces it entirely.”Take those pronouncements with a grain of salt.
  • Inspired by a research project they co-contributed to that involved sending terabytes of video data over a network, Besenbruch and Zafar were inspired to explore AI-powered video compression tech.
  • So Deep Render’s challenge will be convincing would-be customers that its product is truly exceptional in some way.“We expect 40 million daily users by 2023 and 300 million by 2024 … We project over $40M annual recurring revenue in 2024,” Besenbruch said optimistically.
  • Deep Render isn’t the only venture applying AI to the problem of video compression, nor is its AI a silver bullet necessarily.Alphabet’s DeepMind adapted an AI algorithm originally trained to play board games to compress YouTube videos.
  • )“In the compression industry, there’s a significant challenge of finding a new way forward and searching for new innovations,” Besenbruch said.
Deep Render, a startup developing AIpowered tech to compress videos on the web, today announced that it raised $9 million in a Series A funding round led by IP Group and Pentech Ventures. A source f [+5139 chars]