When life gives you carbon, make Carbonaide

News Summary

  • By reducing the quantity of required cement content and mineralizing CO2 into the concrete itself, Carbonaide believes it can halve the carbon dioxide emissions of traditional Portland cement concrete.
  • With the funding, we can implement the technology into a precast concrete production line that allows carbon curing as a part of the industrial process,” says Vehmas.
  • “It is very natural that the constructed environment becomes a CO2 sink, as it is the largest volume of man-made material.”Carbonaide’s process binds carbon dioxide into precast concrete using an automated system at atmospheric pressure.
  • We want to make this process easy to implement by packing the technology into a modular unit that is easy to install and enables easy implementation of the technology on-site,” says Vehmas.
  • Carbonaide also needs to bring the naturally conservative construction industry with it.“The technology must fit in perfectly, otherwise, it won’t make a change,” says Vehmas.
  • The round was completed with public loans and in-kind contributions from Business Finland and other Finnish concrete companies and strategic investors.Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energyThe concrete and energy companies supporting Carbonaide are doing so in more ways than just financially.
Concrete. Ubiquitous. A mainstay of the construction industry over 10 billion cubic meters of concrete are used every year. And also responsible for up to 8% of CO2 emissions one ton of ordinary [+4780 chars]