The story of how Dave took the long road to become a neobank

News Summary

  • The benefit of higher interest rates for customers is that they can earn higher interest on savings and deposits, and we do benefit from that as well, as we can earn extra income from the higher rates.
  • The allegations hit the company’s stock price, which slid by 15% on March 23, the day the report was released.F-Prime Capital published a State of Fintech Report earlier this year (which we covered in-depth here).
  • And we’ve been able to increase the amount of money we give away so it’s just gotten a lot better over the years.We also use AI with customer support, over 50% of our support responses are with a chatbot.
  • And because of that broader expansion, and now that every customer has a card, we were able to grow the banking business 90% year over year.So you did not start out as a full-blown neobank — you sort of evolved into one.
  • The company says that, during tests, Chinese restaurants and pizza shops have been early adopters of the feature.” More here.Reports Christine Hall: “Payments and shopping service Klarna is the latest company to announce its integration with ChatGPT.
  • We need to get 2.2 million to 2.4 million customers to get to profitability/break even.
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