Gangtackled by NYPD...

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  • “You start to lose trust in the system and the information that you are getting.”While the ability to manipulate photos and create fake images isn’t new, AI image generator tools by Midjourney, DALL-E and others are easier to use.
  • “You’re just seeing an image, and once you see something, you cannot unsee it,” Anlen said.In another recent example, social media users shared a synthetic image supposedly capturing Putin kneeling and kissing the hand of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
  • The image, which circulated as the Russian president welcomed Xi to the Kremlin this week, quickly became a crude meme.It’s not clear who created the image or what tool they used, but some clues gave the forgery away.
  • Annotations from Community Notes, Twitter’s crowd-sourced fact checking project, were attached to some tweets to include the context that the Trump images were AI-generated.
  • The San Francisco-based independent research lab didn’t respond to emails seeking comment.“The Trump arrest image was really just casually showing both how good and bad Midjourney was at rendering real scenes,” Higgins wrote in an email.
  • He even stated clearly in his Twitter thread that the images were AI-generated.
NEW YORK (AP) Former President Donald Trump getting gangtackled by riotgearclad New York City police officers. Russian President Vladimir Putin in prison grays behind the bars of a dimly lit concr [+5756 chars]