IntegrityNext raises $109M for a platform to audit supply chains for ESG compliance

News Summary

  • But ultimately, this is about building a way to manage what might be thousands of suppliers for some companies.“You have to find an efficient way to manage that,” said Dominik Stein, a partner at EQT Growth.
  • Businesses are also not all on board.“Yes, some companies complain, but others see it as a competitive advantage to be good in ESG,” said Berr-Sorokin.
  • “Of course the regulatory regime helps us, but if it gets pushed back, we still have trends in our society and good corporate practices.”
  • “We were getting to the next phase, and we need support for hiring, extending our network, sales and marketing, and going into new markets in Europe and the U.S. We didn’t have to do it.
  • “You can’t go to every company and do every check yourself; it just doesn’t work.” (Stein’s joining an advisory board with this round.)
  • It was an option, and we feel lucky to have done it.”ESG is evolving rapidly as a market opportunity.
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