Here are the things generative AI can do well today

News Summary

  • Even if you're wary of the technology because of its limits and drawbacks, it's worth poking around at it now, before it's fully baked, just to understand its capabilities.What's next: Generative AI is rapidly improving and may soon be able to handle tasks it can't reliably do today.
  • Between the lines: While it's easy to argue that a human doctor or teacher is a better option than an AI system, it's also the case that in much of the world there just aren't enough of those professionals to go around.
  • So far, though, it's best when there's less on the line.Today's Generative AI isn't 100 percent accurate — and it's prone to confidently asserting fiction as fact.
Theres no question that todays generative AI tools are impressive, but its also clear that the technology is much better at some tasks than others.Why it matters Generative AI is being pitched [+4894 chars]