Amazons palmreading payment tech is coming to Panera Bread

News Summary

  • By year-end, it expects to have 10 to 20 locations live with the technology.Leveraging computer vision technology, the Amazon One system creates a unique palm print for each customer, which Amazon then associates with a credit card the customer inserts in the sign-up kiosk upon initial setup.
  • When the ordering is complete, the customer would scan their palm a second time to pay.Alongside this news, Amazon is also announcing two new features for Amazon One, including loyalty linking and online pre-enrollment.
  • This system could then be used to introduce highly personalized offers and recommendations over time.The biometric payment system itself was introduced during the pandemic, taking advantage of the increased interest in contactless payments.
  • The system has also been deployed at various stadiums and airports.Image Credits: Panera (Amazon One reader)Now, Panera will adopt the system in its stores to enable fast payments and other features.
  • Of course, Amazon wasn’t only storing palm images; it was also matching them to customer accounts and credit cards, building a database of customer info combined with biometrics.
  • For the former, if the customer was already enrolled in Amazon One at another location, they could now just link their MyPanera account to their Amazon One ID either online or in the store to use the system at that location, too.
Amazon may be closing a number of its own hightech physical retail stores in recent days, but some of the technology it developed for those stores is finding a new home. The online retailer announce [+4916 chars]