TikTok overhauls its community guidelines, adds new policies on AI and climate misinformation

News Summary

  • We see new trends coming and going, and we think we need to regularly update these guidelines to meet the expectation of people who come on our service.”TikTok has also added a new section under its misinformation policy to address climate misinformation.
  • This includes prohibitions on hate speech, sexual exploitation and serious forms of harassment.”TikTok defines synthetic media as content created or modified by AI technology that includes “highly realistic” digitally-created content of real people, such as a video of a real person speaking words that have been modified or changed.
  • The new guidelines go into more detail, noting that TikTok does not allow misinformation about civic and electoral processes, including misinformation about how to vote, registering to vote, eligibility requirements of candidates, the processes to count ballots and certify elections, and the final outcome of an election.
  • The app also won’t allow material that has been edited or combined in a way that could mislead a person about real-world events.Synthetic media showing a public figure in certain contexts, including educational content, will be allowed.
  • The updated guidelines note that TikTok does not allow climate change misinformation that “undermines well-established scientific consensus,” such as denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it.
  • The social media platform is updating its community guidelines to make them easier to understand, and has added new policies on AI and climate misinformation.
TikTok is announcing updates to its community guidelines that are designed to make the app a more secure environment for users. The company has overhauled the guidelines to make them easier to unders [+7996 chars]