Mecanizou, now with $14.5M, plans to expand auto parts marketplace in So Paulo

News Summary

  • Mecanizou is out to change that.The São Paulo-based startup is infusing data intelligence into the auto parts market to create a database connecting mechanic shops and resellers to automotive parts suppliers.
  • “Tech, for us, is the only way to connect mechanics with the supply chain.”Here’s how it works: The mechanic types in the vehicle identification number, the plate of the car and name of the parts, and Mecanizou answers with the parts, code and the price.
  • If you’re a car maintenance do-it-yourselfer in the United States, it’s pretty easy to find auto parts with a simple internet search or on an auto parts store’s database.
  • Mechanics can make a purchase with one click and receive the parts in one hour.Currently, the company operates only in the northern region of São Paulo.
  • They discovered that there is a vast supply chain involved, but it has not evolved digitally.“There are over 200 million SKU parts in Brazil, but if you try to look up a part, it is not digitized.
  • “We want to create algorithms and integrations to help them digitize and create a better ecosystem for the automotive industry.”As its startup market accelerates, Brazil could be in for an IPO bonanza
If youre a car maintenance doityourselfer in the United States, its pretty easy to find auto parts with a simple internet search or of an auto parts stores database. However, in Brazil, the experie [+2820 chars]