Japan, China leaders begin visits to rivals in Ukraine war

News Summary

  • He said depleted uranium is a common component of tank rounds, possibly even used by Russia.“Putin insinuating that they are some sort of nuclear weapon is bonkers,” he told The Associated Press.
  • “If that happens, Russia will respond accordingly, given that the collective West is starting to use weapons with a nuclear component,” he said, without elaborating.
  • Xi said he invited Putin to China this year to discuss a regional initiative that seeks to extend Beijing’s influence through economic cooperation.Moscow and Beijing have both weathered international condemnation of their human rights records.
  • The move displayed China’s influence in a region where Washington has long been the major foreign player.Kishida became Japan’s first postwar leader to enter a war zone.Due to its pacifist principles, Japan’s support for Ukraine has been limited to nonlethal equipment and humanitarian supplies.
  • Western officials “have seen some signs” Putin also wants lethal weapons from Beijing, though there is no evidence it has granted his request, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels.Further contacts are planned.
  • Both nations have conducted joint military exercises near Japan’s coasts.Beijing’s diplomatic foray follows its recent success in brokering a deal between Iran and its chief Middle Eastern rival, Saudi Arabia, to restore relations after years of tensions.
By KARL RITTER Associated PressKYIV, Ukraine (AP) Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Kyiv for a surprise visit shortly after noon Tuesday, hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping a [+6561 chars]