TechCrunch+ roundup 7 VCs who are taking pitches, AI best practices, zerobased budgeting

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  • There’s plenty of tactical advice here, and much more to come.Here’s who participated:Have a great weekend,Walter Thompson Editorial Manager, TechCrunch+ @yourprotagonistHow to pitch me: 7 investors discuss what they’re looking for in March 2023Image Credits: Getty ImagesWe don’t run many articles promoting basic best practices.
  • “We don’t see that commitment from other banks.”‘Trust is a hard thing to earn’: SVB’s closure could disproportionately affect Black founders
Its too early to determine whether SVBs downfall heralds a new era for venture capital, but based on anecdotal evidence, offtherecord discussions and chats with coworkers, it seems like were back [+5902 chars]