Nimble makes the leap to fully automated thirdparty logistics warehouses

News Summary

  • Nimble isn’t quite ready to talk valuation just yet.“With E-commerce and warehouse automation continuing to exhibit incredible growth, we were attracted to Nimble’s industry leading AI robotic technology and 3PL fulfillment capabilities,” Cedar Pines’ Stephen Weiss said in a release tied to the news.
  • It’s a method that lets companies effectively outsource their warehousing needs through fully automated third-party logistics (3PL) factories.Founder and CEO Simon Kalouche says that Nimble’s new model wasn’t the goal when the pick and pack robotic automation firm launched in 2017.
  • I its press material, the company explains that its “intelligent robotic fulfillment systems will autonomously pick, pack and ship e-commerce orders while reducing warehouse size by up to 75%.
  • But there’s a real difference between partial and full automation when it comes to the job market.Image Credits: NimbleThe decentralized nature of the fulfillment center goes a long way toward speeding up delivery by bringing products close to customers.
  • When you automate the picking step, you remove all of those constraints.”Image Credits: NimbleKalouche says the company has already begun operating its own third-party fulfillment centers, quietly opening the first roughly a year ago.
  • “I’ve been in hundreds of warehouses now, and as I went to more and more, I learned that everyone’s automating almost all the pieces of the warehouse, but picking is still the hardest part.
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