Indias HealthPlix raises $22M to accelerate growth and enhance healthcare delivery

News Summary

  • Additionally, the platform offers translation of prescriptions to let patients easily understand what their doctors have prescribed them.Approximately 60% of the prescriptions processed by HealthPlix are originally written in English by doctors.
  • HealthPlix wants to solve this problem through its platform, which is available in a freemium model.The Bengaluru-based startup lets doctors create a 360-degree medical profile of their patients that can be helpful during consultations and for treating chronic diseases.
  • Of the total number of doctors on board, 70% are outside metro cities, HealthPlix said.Gudibanda said HealthPlix handles a volume of 110,000 patients per day and has facilitated over 70 million consultations to date.
  • It will also invest in clinical decision support to help doctors treat the patients better.
  • It aims to serve over 25,000 doctors by 2024 and reach 50,000 by 2025 to treat nearly 15% of the Indian population.
  • This has resulted in doctors not finding enough time to adequately assess each patient.
HealthPlix, an Indian startup offering its inhouse platform for doctors to help record patient data digitally, has raised $22 million in fresh investment to broaden its reach in the country and allo [+4966 chars]