This Week in Apps TikTokstyle feeds come to Spotify and Reddit; Metas Fediverse plans

News Summary

  • The app would effectively serve as a Twitter alternative, but also seemingly would threaten the growth of the free and decentralized web where platforms like Meta have less control.The app, codenamed P92, would let users log in using their Instagram credentials and would support ActivityPub.
  • Under the music sub-feed, the app will point you to short-form video feeds focused on various genres or even activities, like relaxing, studying or working out, for example.This shift targets the changing consumer behavior of a younger generation (Gen Z, and soon, Alpha), which remains Spotify’s core demographic.
  • Plus, artists can use a new feature called Showcase to place a mobile card in the new video feeds to introduce their music to potential fans.
  • SoundCloud also introduced video feeds for music as a test.For Reddit, the changes come only a year into a broader redesign.
  • These will appear on artist profiles and album pages, as well.The feature can be used to share the story behind a song, announce an upcoming release, feature a collaborator, show off merch or, for new artists, as an introduction — or anything else an artist may want to share.
  • And similarly, a number of Spotify users may defect from the now video-first app to go back to more “classic” players, like Apple Music.There’s a bit of old man yells at cloud to this early backlash, however.
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