Wing likens its drone delivery network to rideshare

News Summary

  • The company says it expects “our system to be capable of handling millions of deliveries for millions of consumers at a lower cost per delivery than ground transportation can achieve for fast delivery of small packages” by mid-2024.
  • Wing notes in a blog post published this morning:Up to this point, the industry has been fixated on drones themselves — designing, testing, and iterating on aircraft, rather than finding the best way to harness an entire fleet for efficient delivery.
  • We see drone delivery at scale looking more like an efficient data network than a traditional transportation system.
  • Pad locations can be added simply, with the aircraft themselves used as the surveying tools to update and expand the network.”Wing says the system will be rolling out over the next year.
  • In existing configurations, a drone is launched from a business, arrives at its destination and then returns to its origin.It’s a simple path, and it makes sense that most have used it as a starting point.
  • Drone delivery is one of those ideas that’s been sold as “the next big thing” forever.
Drone delivery is one of those ideas thats been sold as the next big thing forever. Regardless of how bullish you happen to be on the technology, theres undeniably a lot that has to be figured out be [+2628 chars]