Soci raises $120M in debt and equity to grow its marketing management platform

News Summary

  • “However, there was a new trend swelling [several years ago] whereby brands’ consumers were no longer interacting with the national digital marketing pages but rather the local digital marketing page.
  • Beyond this, it delivers a database for consolidating marketing info including data from search, social media, reviews, surveys and chatbots.“An enterprise business with hundreds to thousands of locations must determine how they’re going to win the digital marketing battle at every location.
  • This requires the collection and visualization of an incredible breadth of local insight and data, the development of hundreds of local strategies based on that data, and a sophisticated tool and process to deliver on such strategies across tens of thousands of digital pages,” Khoury said.
  • To date, Soci has raised nearly $240 million.“The pandemic drove consumers inside and online, inciting a shift to digital channels and fundamentally changing how consumers communicate and engage with brands,” Khoury told TechCrunch in an email interview.
  • In a recent HubSpot poll of marketers, 19% said that generating traffic and leads remained their biggest hurdles followed by hiring talent and marketing strategy pivots.Khoury pointed to the investment from Renew Group, which owns 5-hour Energy International, as “strong validation” of Soci’s current growth trajectory.
  • “From the impact of COVID-19 on local sales to the recent recession, brands are assessing their budgets and marketing more closely than in years past,” he added.
Soci (pronounced sohshee), a marketing automation platform with customers including Ace Hardware, Jersey Mikes, Pet Supplies Plus and Ford, today announced that it raised $120 million in a financ [+6804 chars]