Need a Lenten fish fry? Let an interactive map point the way

News Summary

  • The longtime presence of powerhouse regional fish distributor Robert Wholey & Co. also honed local tastes.“People in Pennsylvania are used to good fish,” says Bill Yanicko, a funeral director in suburban West Deer Township who runs the community fish fry at Our Lady of the Lakes Parish.
  • Some chow down right there — fish and shrimp, fries and cole slaw and mac and cheese, sometimes pierogies or a local noodle-and-cabbage delicacy called haluski.Western Pennsylvania loves the past, but the fish fry itself is steered by some very modern forces.
  • “Things may change around you every year, but you know that every year you can go to your same church basement or fire hall and get that fish sandwich.”___Ted Anthony, director of new storytelling and newsroom innovation at The Associated Press, has been writing about American culture since 1990.
  • Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” plays.“It’s kind of the perfect marriage of things — a team of super-nerdy people who know all about maps and know all about coding, and fish fries, which are just so Pittsburgh,” Newman says.
  • It literally takes a food tradition and puts it into a platform that speaks to them on a different level.”Today, while churches remain a mainstay of Lenten fish fries, fire departments give them a run for their money — of which there is lots at play.
  • Food touchstones like fish fries, pierogies and the “ cookie table ” — a western Pennsylvania wedding staple — became signifiers of identity.
WEXFORD, Pa. (AP) By the time the doors open at 430 p.m., a boisterous line of 50 hungry people is looping around the gymnasium foyer at Blessed Francis Seelos Academy. Their objective to occupy ta [+7399 chars]