Best of MWC Screens that roll, ChatGPT interactive glasses

News Summary

  • The company’s virtual assistant app was designed to work with smart viewer glasses to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing better understand what’s happening around them.
  • Now, “large language models are bringing huge improvements to traditional chatbots.” Generative AI systems like ChatGPT can create readable text and hold conversations based on what they’ve learned from so-called large language models — vast databases of digital books, online writings and other media.
  • Now XRAI (pronounced X-ray) has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into its app and glasses setup.“People can ask questions such as general knowledge or recipes or anything they like,” CEO Dan Scarfe said.
  • Growing, but still — relatively speaking — relatively small.”AI CHAT GLASSESArtificially intelligent chatbots like ChatGPT have taken the tech world by storm, and U.K. startup XRAI Glass is joining the fray with augmented reality glasses.
  • Here’s a look at some highlights: SCROLL AND FOLDWhile MWC smartphone launches don’t get as much attention as they used to because innovations have slowed, devices with nifty screens took the spotlight.Motorola added the wow factor by unveiling a phone with a screen that rolls out.
  • It’s just that humans are “used to communicating with faces.”REMOTE CONTROL CARSAt German mobility startup Vay’s display, a driver was steering a car around a course marked with pylons.
By CASSANDRA ALLWOOD, JAMES BROOKS and KELVIN CHAN Associated PressBARCELONA, Spain (AP) The father of the cellphone was there. So was Huawei and a host of other Chinese tech companies. Tens of t [+6436 chars]