Behavioral marketing platform Wunderkind nabs $76M

News Summary

  • Last year, Wunderkind’s revenue grew 35% year over year, Ingram says, and the company’s poised to grow the top line again this year.“We see the headwinds here as a combination of larger market economic trends, changes that rightfully align with consumer privacy and audience shifts in behavior.
  • Also in the works is an improved “discovery” feature for e-commerce businesses that’ll serve product recommendations based on customer behaviors and interests.“We firmly believe we can help our clients increase their customers’ lifetime value and ultimately grow better as a business with Wunderkind,” Ingram said.
  • We’re sitting on over ten years of meaningful consumer data and insights that we collected voluntarily.”That being said, 700-employee Wunderkind — no doubt with an eye toward a more regulated, privacy-conscious ad future — plans to expand and launch a one-to-one messaging offering for ads to enable “cookieless” retargeting.
  • We help across all those fronts by providing access to data, user profiles and one-to-one marketing strategies that manufacture outcomes and truly deliver performance.”From a user perspective, Wunderkind’s product sounds a bit…creepy, frankly.
  • By analyzing smartphone and desktop web visitors’ real-time and historical behaviors to match value to intent, Ingram says.Wunderkind claims it can determine who visitors are based on the web page that referred them and the content that they’re interacting with.
  • For example, the platform can figure out who’s most likely to purchase a paid subscription and sign up for a newsletter — or so Ingram claims.The company also offers tools to launch “triggered” ad campaigns and create audience segments for those campaigns.
Wunderkind, a platform that enables brands to target web visitors through emails, texts and other digital advertising formats, today announced that it raised $76 million in a Series C round led by Ne [+3788 chars]