Father of cellphone sees dark side...

News Summary

  • “There are people now that can justify measuring where you are, where you’re making your phone calls, who you’re calling, what you access on the Internet.”Smartphone use by children is another area that needs limits, Cooper said.
  • These days Martin Cooper frets like everybody else about his invention’s impacts on society — from the loss of privacy to the risk of internet addiction to the rapid spread of harmful content, especially among kids.
  • He thinks phones will evolve so that they will be “distributed on your body,” perhaps as sensors “measuring your health at all times.”Batteries could even be replaced by human energy.“You ingest food, you create energy.
  • BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The man credited with inventing the cellphone 50 years ago had only one concern then about the brick-sized device with a long antenna: Would it work?
  • “It’s going to get resolved, but not easily,” Cooper said.
BARCELONA, Spain (AP) Holding the bulky brick cellphone hes credited with inventing 50 years ago, Martin Cooper thinks about the future.Little did he know when he made the first call on a New York [+3860 chars]